I absolutely love golf. Always have. I think I’ve bought practically every PGA video game ever, and I can’t get enough of it on my TV. For some reason I never really got into betting golf however, until 2014.

I was talking to a friend, Frasier, about golf and looking up various stats and so on – and something just clicked. Looking at the odds of a lot of golf wins – 20/1, 30/1, 50/1 and so on – was very attractive. Realizing that I could bet 25 times and lose, but still have a strong 5 unit profit if I nailed a 30/1 pick.

So I started studying the hell out of golf, and launched the website as nothing makes me think more about my betting than when I write about it on a website. I also decided to cover the LPGA and Champions Tour along with the European and PGA tour, as practically no other websites were doing that.

Well on my first week, I managed to correctly pick two winners. A 12/1 in the European tour, and a 40/1 in the LPGA. I was hooked, and have been providing weekly golf betting tips ever since.