Many years ago we created a website called It did okay but nothing great – but the concept was incredible. It was essentially an engine where you select what you want in a poker room and it’d then display the perfect poker room for you. So you could choose to only see poker rooms that accept credit card deposits, offer Texas Hold’Em, have a Bad Beat Jackpot, work with Pokertracker and offer a 4 color deck.

Years later we couldn’t stop thinking about that concept and decided to recreate it. Our engine has been over a year in the making and is still being developed but the first site has been launched using the “UPS Engine” which is will allow people to find the ideal slot machine for them. With thousands of online slots out there at various online casinos it can get daunting finding the ideal slot. Slots Buddy will allow you to get as basic as you want, or as complex as you want.

So if you just want a Movie/TV slot machine then you select that and it displays all Movie/TV slots online. But if you want a Microgaming slot which you can play for a penny, which has a progressive jackpot as well as turboplay and is available to play on your Mac? You can do that too.