WNBATips.com Website



WNBATips.com was the very first sports betting tips website I put online.

I have bet sports for years, although never shared picks publicly. After learning a lot about poker and how to play poker over the years from the 2+2 forums, I decided to “give back” in the form of WNBA Tips. It seemed like a sport that had very little attention given to it, meaning the lines would be a lot weaker and easier to dominate from a betting perspective.

I posted the picks on the 2+2 forums(as MrBlueNose) to a huge success, and so I launched the website during the season. I found it very fun and more importantly – by providing picks publicly, I’d think about them more and put more work into them and have a higher success rate. So that one WNBA Tips website has spawned countless others, allowing me to expand my betting horizons with the likes of NHL, Golf and darts.