Ever been to a casino? Ever talked to someone about going to a casino?

No doubt you, or they, will have lots of questions. Or overheard lots of questions.

You can’t walk through a casino floor in Vegas without hearing question after question. “How does Let It Ride work?” “What card should I play here?” “Where do I go to bet sports?”.

As a gambling expert and former professional poker player, I couldn’t go anywhere without getting asked questions about gambling. And so I decided “Hey – if only I had a really solid website to direct people to when they ask questions” and boom – was born.

Created in 2009, is one of the most prolific online gambling guides today. It boasts over 2,000 articles covering the likes of poker, casino, bingo, sports betting and fantasy sports. It covers topics such as “How do I play keno?” to “What is the biggest casino in the world?”.

It’s your one stop shop for all questions and answers related to gambling.