Going Over: Bet Pro Wrestling Podcast


I’ve been offering wrestling betting tips since 2010 on my website BetWWE.com. I’m also hooked on wrestling podcasts such as Something To Wrestle. It only seemed natural that when I went with my first podcast, I went with a podcast dedicated to betting on wrestling. We went with the name Going Over: Bet Pro Wrestling.

It’s a nice niche and one I am passionate about. I’ve teamed up with my friend Vin who used to assist me with my wrestling betting tips site and then branched out to his own one eventually.

We cover every single pay per view that you can bet on and put up podcasts a few days prior to the show.

If you’re into podcasts be sure to subscribe to us and check us out. Much appreciated.

And hey if you’re a sportsbook who offers WWE odds and wants to sponsor us? Get in touch.