This isn’t my own personal website. It’s a website I’m invested in that is ran by one of my employees/partners.

They basically do all of the content writing and on-site SEO and I do the off-site SEO etc.

It’s a neat project. It’s all about books and grading and judging the best books by a specific author or a specific series/character.

It’s the type of content that can be controversial – believe me. Lots of people have big arguments about the best Stephen King books or best Jack Reacher books etc so that should be fun. I always enjoy content like that which is controversial while avoiding the clickbaity aspect of controversy.

There’s a lot of potential for the website in the future that we’ll wait and see about. Such as the ability for users to vote and so on. Looking forward to seeing if this website takes off.

It’s a solid domain and some excellent content with all articles over 1500 words in length. Impressive stuff.