Respuesta Casino


It’s important to branch out into different languages. Fact is the English market is the most competitive in any field.

I’ve ran a few niche sites in different languages but in early 2019 I launched Respuesta Casino, which is the Spanish version of my flagship site Casino Answers.

I always go by the motto Think Big, Start Small however and that’s what I did with this website. It’s a practice I have preached many times over at Affiliate Bible.

So while Casino Answers is a conglomerate with over 3,000 articles – I started this website with just 20 translated articles. Then I get 4 translated per month.

Then standard business practices apply for the first year – any money I make from the site I put back into translations. Then the second year I only keep 20% of the income.

It’s fun doing another language although it can be tricky for some articles – like when I have to get an article on Spanish Blackjack translated!